6 jan. 2012

REVIEW - Maxfactor Smooth Effect Foundation

Hello lovely readers , 
Today's article is about the newest Max factor foundation.
It's coming out this February and its a great product I can tell you.
I will tell you all about it !

The product 
The product is available in 5 tones : 
Natural , Creamy Ivory , Buff beige , Rose beige and Golden.
They are available in your local drugstore and they are available from 1 February 2012.

What does the company say about the product ? 
The new Smooth Effect foundation has a medium coverage and the ideal base for every make up look. With a smooth and radiant complexion , you can experiment endlessly.
The Smooth Effect Foundation is the new addition to the product line of Max Factor.

The secret of the Smooth Effect Foundation is the special selected Skintone formula.
This formula contains active ingredients that help you to get a smooth and radiant skin.
Besides the leveling and moisturizing function it also contains pigments that hide blemishes like enlarged pores.
A leveling and matt skin tone is the result of this foundation.

The packaging is simple but modern , just like a lot of the foundation packages of Max factor.
I personally like these packages , they are easy to grab and use.
They don't look fancy but that's just fine with me.
What really stands out is the cross on the package , which is bright purple with blue glitters.
This does look really gorgeous and this foundation will deffinitly stand out in the shops.

What I also really like about this package is that all the information is on the package :

How much product is in there , how many months you can use it and what color it is.
On the back of the package it also displays a nice and compact description of the foundation : 
Glides on effortlessly for a smooth , even finish.
Suitable for sensitive skin. Won't clog your pores. Oil Free.

I love the structure of this foundation.
It feels so light and not greasy and that is probably because this foundation is oil-free.
You can deffinitly feel the difference.

Also when i'm applying this foundation it really DOES glides on.
Normally when I put my foundation on it always has to sets in to my skin.
But after I applied this foundation it only took a few seconds to get on to the rest of my make up.

My skin feels smooth after applying this foundation.

The product looks nature and does what is says it should do.
It really does glides onto your skin and makes my pores look a little smaller.
I have some pores on my cheeks and you can almost not see them anymore.
I also stays on for quite some time ,but like every foundation you have to touch up during the day.

There is 30 ml in the package , which is a good amount.
Almost every foundation bottle/tube contain 30 ml.

The price of this foundation is €9,99 which is a great price for this foundation I think.

My opinion
I really love this foundation and normally I am quite picky with choosing foundations.
So normally I stick to one foundation for a long time because they work the best for me.
But I am deffinitly gonna use this foundation a lot.

What I love about this product 
The texture - it really glides on and feels so smooth.
Oil-free - I won't be getting a shiny face quickly.
No smell - The foundation has almost no smell to it.
Price - €9.99 euro for 30 ml is a nice price for a great foundation like this.

Do I recommend this foundation ?
Yes because I actually have nothing negative to say about this product.
Maybe a more "chic"package but other than that the product is quite amazing.

Some photo's of the foundation on my face