15 jan. 2012

REVIEW - Catrice Hidden World Line

Hello lovely ladies and gents , 

Today I am going to talk about two new products I bought of the Catrice Hidden World Line.
I bought a pretty pearly white nail polish and a pink eye souffle that I really wanted to try out.
This line looks great and to bad that a lot of products where already sold out.
I might buy some more product next week in another shop.
 I really would like the other eye souffle and lip gloss that looked awesome.

The collection 

The collection is called Hidden World based on the world between real and fantasy.
It has soft colors that are very wearable and great for almost every skin color.
The collection is very feminine with soft pinks and soft browns.
They also threw a few cooler colors in the collection which makes the collection great.

The collection contains
Three made to stay eye souffle in the colors
01. Wood you follow me ?
02. Yes , I wood ! 
03. Rosy & Cosy

They are really soft and they don't crease as the normal eye souffles.
I love the texture of these and it really does feel like you put souffle on your eyes haha.
The colors are really great looking and they have added a gorgeous shimmer to the souffles.
They have great pigment to it and I just love the color that I bought which is Rosy & Cozy.
It is absolutely my favorite pink eye souffle in  my collection already !
And also sorta multi use to it , because I can also use it as a blush 

Three Liquid metal lip glosses
01. Yes ,I wood ! 
02.  Walk on air
03. Rosy & Cosy 

Very pretty lip glosses as a normal Catrice lip gloss.
It has a metallic sheen to it and it looks awesome.
This is the part of the collection that has the metallic shimmer in to it.
I don't own one of these but I would really to have the Rosy & Cozy one.
I think it is a gorgeous bright pink lip gloss and I love those kinda colors.

Blush mouse 
This is a natural looking mouse blush.
It looks really heavy at first eye but when you apply it to your cheeks , it leaves a nice light pink finish.
And doesn't look as heavy AT ALL.
Great if your going for that natural look.

Illuminating base
A nice base for your face make up.
This will give you a perfect base and your make up will look great and flawless.
It has a creamy texture and disguises imperfections.

Ultimate nail laquer

01. White and Seek - pearly white
02. Walk on Air - salmon pink
03. Wood you follow me ? - Chocolate brown

As great as all the Catrice nail polishes.
Only thing is have to say about these is : I absolutely love all the Catrice nail polishes.
Only once in a while a certain nail polish is a bit thicker then the normal ones.
But they work great , great coverage , gorgeous pretty colors.

My purchased items 
Ultimate nail laquer - White and Seek

Eye Souffle Rosy & Cosy

Eye souffle used as blush

I really love the eye souffle , specially because I can also use it as a blush.
It just looks great and has stunning golden glitters in it.
Love the eye souffle and deffinitly going to use it more often.
If you can get your hands on these , buy them !!
They are in store until Half February 
at the "Kruidvat" or "Trekpleister ".