2 jan. 2012

REVIEW - Lush buffy body butter

Hello darlings ,
Today I am going to review the Lush Buffy body butter for you guys.
I bumped into this product when I was buying presents.
I went to Lush to buy their Henna hair dye because my boyfriends niece always uses Henna for her hair.
I bought it for her but I thought that the present was too small so I decided to buy something else.

When I saw this product and tested it in their shop I was excited.
The scrub feels so good and it leaves a small layer of butter on your skin.
How amazing is this product .. exfoliates your skin AND it's a body butter at the same time.

This is what the product looks like.
A nice block of body butter made of  :
Grounded Almonds 
Grounded Rice 
Shea and Cocoa butter 
Aduki Beans 
Lavender and Lemon oil (which smells great by the way)

You can see the beans in there and this is what scrubs and exfoliates your skin.
It really feels nice and scrubs your skin gently.
The texture is not too rough which I really like.

Buffy body butter has a patern, and it feels really nice to rub this over your skin.
The first time you have to use hot water to activate the Buffy.
At last that is what I had to do and then it leaves this great butter on your skin.
It is a layer of butter so be careful for your clothes.
This is deffinitly a thing to use on days that you pamper yourself.

It's really nice in your hand and this block of body butter is 90 g.
The lady of Lush did told me that this product goes quickly.
But this product is deffinitly worth it I think.
My skin really feels nourished and moist enough after I used this.
Specially my legs and butt.

The soap is made to use for your bottom , but I use it on my legs too.
And the butter costs €10,25 which is expensive but it's SO worth it.
Deffinitly when your lazy and dont feel like scrubbing your skin AND putting body butter on, 
this is a great solution for that 2 in 1.
Body butter AND scrub.

Do I recommend this product  ?
Yes I do , it's a great product and you get 2 for the price of one.